Deeply intuitive. Courageous. Real. Smart. Articulate. And… a little stubborn.

These are some of the words people have used to describe me. For as long as I can remember, I was never the early bird – you know, the first to tie my shoelaces or the first to get married. I’ve never been about following the crowd or jumping aboard the latest craze. It took me a long time to be OK with that, especially in a society that reveres “first to the top”.

“I value foundation. I’m naturally inclined to follow my own path. And to help others follow theirs.”

In a world where people and businesses are constructed by stereotypes and bound by expectations, it’s those that take the time to build their own foundation and get to know their own core and take action from that place that rise to the top. It’s the approach that’s brought me the most success and, it’s why I started Beyond Expectations Coaching + Communications – to help individuals and organizations communicate on a deeper level to effect lasting transformation.

Let’s get c l e a r.

Transformation first comes from an honest acknowledgment of the need for change within ourselves or within our organizations – a communication to ourselves from ourselves. Sometimes the message is not so clear, and that’s where I come in. Whether through my career in communications or in coaching my clients one-on-one, getting people and businesses clear on what they want and why they want it – from the inside-out – is one of my biggest strengths. By using my intuition, asking the right questions and creating an open, collaborative environment, I bring the bigger vision into focus. From there, magic happens.

I’m not afraid to take risks and make changes in my life. In a matter of 16 months, I walked away from an unhealthy relationship and left a job I was no longer feeling fulfilled by, so that I could create space for the people, things and ways of being and serving others that nourished me. In the process, I met the love of my life and started my own business – doing it the way that feels most right for me.

Over my 10+ years of communications experience, I’ve advised senior leaders in the public and private sectors, developed communication strategies and created countless communications pieces that informed and inspired. Known for my ability to connect with others and bring people together to achieve win-win solutions, I was awarded the Collaboration Award from the organization for whom I last worked.

I’m a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), trained through Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) – one of the top coach training schools in the world. I have an Honours B.A. in Economics and Communications Studies, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Corporate Communications, and a Certificate in Digital Strategy and Communications. I’m also PROSCI Change Management certified.


“Fazeena coached me for several months as I navigated through life changes. It was vital that I worked with someone who brought clarity and focus during a period where I was juggling several competing priorities. I was always impressed by Fazeena’s ability to challenge any pre-conceived ideas and get to underlying issues, and eventually empowering me to become comfortable with the change process that followed. What stood out for me was how she would draw upon her intuition to uncover unique perspectives of the issue at hand. I have found that with a few newly taught skills, I am much more aware of my thoughts and feelings and am able to modify my behaviours for increasingly positive results.
I would definitely recommend Fazeena to anyone looking for a calm and insightful coach who will challenge the status quo and get you results.”

          – Ruth G. // Toronto, Ontario, Canada